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    Patrik Dusek

    Hi Team,

    I had to increase my version number of my iOS build. So I created a new licence for the new version number,

    updated the licence and the number in my pro file , cleaned my project, made qmake, and made a clean build.

    But now I get the Felgo licence reminder. I checked, the app identierfier, the version and the licence at least

    10 times and also tryied a new number but nothing helps.

    The dialog tells that the app version code not matches but it’s by sure the right one I used to create the licence.

    Any hints? I had to commit the app to the store and I already spent half of the day with this licence problem 🙁




    Patrik Dusek

    Small update: for the android build the licence is working fine. It seems to be iOS/XCode related…


    Patrik Dusek

    Ok found the solution. Seems like the check on iOS is going against the “Build” not the “Version”. Seems a little strange because this is the field which is filled by


    A bug, or did I get something wrong?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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