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    After some work with desktop builds, I started working directly on my android device.

    I got stuck with an odd crash. If I set the App licenseKey, my application crashes upon startup.

    The last crash message is:

    F libc : Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1, fault addr 0x14 in tid 9402 (QtThread), pid 9368 (tti.crop.mobile)

    I cannot debug the application either, seems theres a Bug in QtCreator here when using API Level > 23

    Any thoughts on this licenseKey crash thing?





    Felgo Team

    Hi Alex,

    does the application run on your device if the licenseKey property is not set? Does the generated license key match your app identifier and version specified in the AndroidManifest.xml file of your android project folder?



    Felgo User

    Yes, the application does run without a license key.

    And yes, I have double checked all the app identifiers/versions in gradle, androidmanifest and config.json

    They all match my app identifier and version.



    Felgo Team

    Hi Alex,

    additionally for Android, please also check whether you have a android/build.gradle configuration in your project. If so, please also make sure to also set the correct app identifier there. It can also help to remove previous installations of the app. It can happen that the new version of the app does not update correctly on the device.

    When doing licenseKey or app id / version changes you can also make sure to get a 100% clean and fresh build:

    • Delete the Android build folder from your file system. It’s located besides your project folder and named something like build-<project>-Android_for_armeabi_v7a_GCC_4_9_Qt_5_11_1_Android_armv7_V_Play-Debug
    • Right click your project in the Qt Creator project tree and select “Run qmake”, this re-creates the build folder
    • Build and Deploy the project

    Hope this helps!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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