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    Hi All

    I’m having some problems getting my project running with live reloading on 2.16.1 with the iOS simulator. It seems there are a few issues, but I’ll report just one here while I continue to investigate the others.

    So if I create a new “Tabbed Application” Felgo App within a directory with spaces (eg. “/Users/someUser/my directory/myproject”), the app builds and launches successfully.¬† However, a number of build issues are reported suggesting that it is incorrectly parsing the directory names:

    warning: directory not found for option ‘-L/Users/someUser/my’
    warning: directory not found for option ‘-Ldirectory/myproject/ios’
    warning: directory not found for option ‘-F/Users/someUser/my’
    warning: directory not found for option ‘-Fdirectory/myproject/ios’

    So effectively it’s incorrectly specifying specifying library and framework¬† path. Anyhow, it still runs fine until I try and switch to live reloading as per the recent blog post:

    Now I can rebuild fine, but when I try and launch the iOS Simulator app it fails:



    If however I do the identical test with a directory path such as


    it all runs fine (live and non-live).

    System setup:

    • macOS High Sierra
    • Qt Creator 4.5.1, Based on Qt 5.10.1 (Clang 7.0 (Apple), 64 bit), Built on Feb 10 2018 04:23:48 From revision 24cd0b1cd6
    • Felgo 2.16.1

    Felgo Team

    Hi John,

    very interesting find, thanks a lot for reporting. Historically, Qt has shown some issues with spaces in paths a couple of times (installation, qmake, resources). We’ll investigate if this is the case also for the live client lib.

    So removing the space does fix it for you? You mentioned other issues, are any of them still unresolved and you need help?




    Hi Alex

    Thanks for the reply.

    Yes, removing the spaces does fix things, and other issues are also resolved, so I have live reloading with my custom classes, which is great!

    In honesty I’ve found Qt Creator to be quiet difficulty and seemingly non-deterministic at times. Things stop working for unknown reasons, and then begin working again, also for unknown reasons. Could just be me.

    Thanks again

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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