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    Almost from my project start I have a problems with live server. It was working on my linux pc, sometimes 🙂 like 50\50

    So I`ve stopped to using it, but now I really need it.

    When I`m making a new app – it works.

    Copying my qml files to new project – works. But I have many C++ files, so it just starts with error, its ok.

    Adding my c++ sources – and nothing works 🙂 Live server becomes “not responding” after I click “connect” button on a live client.

    Now I remove c++ sources, qml files, copying main.cpp and .pro content from an empty project, and live server still hangs as client connects.

    Tried clearing  caches (c:/users….. appdata/local/Felgo*) – still dont work!

    Tried to rename build-folder, and project folder also – no changes.

    So now I have an empty project, which had my sources – and live server still hangs 🙁

    Have no ideas how to fix this.

    Is there somewhere a liveserver debug-logs?




    I`ve found the problem!

    In project root folder  I have a “libs” folder for my project. It has libs for all platforms, and it`s about 1.7GB

    If I remove this folder – live server works again! Seems like it`s a bit hard to parse these files =) Maybe just I need more RAM?




    Felgo Team


    as a workaround while you are using Felgo Live, you could rename the “libs” folder to “debug”, as that folder will be ignored by the Live Server. Other folder names that will be ignored in the root folder are “android”, “ios”, “win”, “macx”, “release”.

    I will note that custom ignore folders could be a worthy addition to the Live Server settings.

    1.7GB will indeed be a bit much, as the Live Server will probably try to send those files to the Live Client even.

    Note that for QML Hot Reload together with custom C++, you will have to build your own Live Client using the Live Client Module, just in case you’ve not done that already.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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