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    What I want to do is create a Scene in my Main.qml, and then, later on set a Level for that scene and display the scene.

    Displaying the scene works find using opacity, like you did in Squaby. But Loading the Level does not work as my Scene wont display it.

    Inside my Scene I have a Loader, for which’s property “source” I created a property alias. Now I change that property on Buttonclick in my Main.qml, but it has no effect. I set the loaders source to “Level01.qml” by default. When I then change it to “Level02.qml” on buttonclick the the scene is launched and level01 is displayed.

    It seems as if the new level is not loaded by just setting a different source.

    How would that be possible?






    I was wrong before, the level is in fact loaded, but all its contents are invisible. I can only see the HUD.

    As an example: When I click and shoot my arrow I can still hear baloons popping, but I cannot actually see them.


    Felgo Team


    Thank you very much, that was exactly what I needed now it works perfectly fine.



    Short question off topic: How do I set the app icon? (Icon that will be displayed on Phone Homescreen)


    Felgo Team
Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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