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    Ginzo Milani

    so following this method:


    I have successfully made my own level editor and implemented level loading logic into my game, works beautifully. now I am just wondering how do I load in specific levels? Right now I have it set like so:

    I have a Container Object where all components are loaded into, and once it is completed I have this:

                Component.onCompleted: {

    two problems with this,

    1. The level being loaded might not be the correct level depending on the order the JSON files are loaded
    2. This could fail in the scenario where the applicationJSONLevels has not finished populating.

    I tried to use this:


    So I can avoid problem 2, however it loads faster than the container, so it does not load correctly. I do not know if problem 2 is really a problem, as it could be possible that the JSON files will simply never load slower than the components, but I do not know how to measure the speed of the JSON being loaded / the components being loaded.


    Ginzo Milani





    I don’t use Felgo for almost 2 years now but when I was using it I developed system when my designer could see list of levels and could load selected to test and save it later.
    Will look at old codebase and will post how I achieved that.
    I guess it is possible since I was doing it back in the days, probably some API call, but I am not 100% sure now.



    Marcin, what do you use instead of Felgo? It seems awful quiet around here.



    I don’t want to start any off-topic or convince anybody to use something else.
    So quickly, I switched to Unity(game develpoment specific product, big community and asset store) and that’s all 🙂
    Lets focus here on the main issue which is loading levels in Felgo.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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