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    Is there any way to localize cancel and Ok buttons of nativeUtils


    nativeUtils.displayMessageBox(“Really Quit?”, “”, 2)

    nativeUtils.displayTextInput(“Enter Your NickName”, “”, “Name”, “”)



    Felgo Team


    First of all, sorry if it looks like we ignored your request, in practice different people here are working on different technical issues, so it might happen that some questions can be answered faster than others. One of your developers is currently working on providing the localization for the native inputs.We add the possibility of adding customized button titles with the next update coming this week.

    Unfortunately I can’t open your screenshot from Google Drive, as it is not public. Can you please change the permissions or describe what you need to localize?





    Thats good news to add localization for customized buttons, Thanks


    The screenshot show this message

    “Connection Error”

    “Could not connect to the internet, the service of v-play game will be available again when you have internet access.”   “OK”


    Please try to fix Arabic names in gamenetwork , player can change his name to Arabic name, message shown with invalid name, thats very important!


    Thanks Alex

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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