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    Felgo User

    My Game works on Desktop, but after i build it with the Server and install it on my Devices, the app crashes after starting (after startscreen)

    How can i get log files of the Devices?

    Or how can i find out whats the reason for this app crash?


    Felgo Team


    You can follow the steps from Android Developers documentation about on-device debugging and then inspect the LogCat output.

    Thus the easiest way to get log output from your Android device is to install the ADT Bundle (Android SDK + eclipse with Android plugins) from

    Then do the following steps:

    extract -> start eclipse -> go to Window>Show View>Other>Android>Log Cat -> connect device via USB.


    To filter the log outputs, you can filter for PID or Application Identifier of your game (with level verbose).


    Cheers, Chris


    Felgo User

    Thx, it worked. I guess its the same with iOS and XCode.

    The problem was: i forget to include “gui” plugin in my config.json

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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