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    I have a situation in my app where I need to decide whether to keep all of a certain type of data in one table (normalized) or separating it into multiple tables. The table could get up to about 10,000 rows, or I could separate that into around 25 tables of approximately 400 rows each (the tables would be created intermittently based on user input as different types of data are added by the user). Normally I wouldn’t worry on a computer but I thought I should check if one table of 10,000 rows would cause noticible delays of a second or more on older phones when searching and returning 300-500 rows with multiple conditions.

    If multiple tables are used, data would only be pulled from one table at a time with no conditionals.

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    Base on my experience with databases, for this amount of rows it really doesn’t matter.
    Even storing this in files and using “grep” like solution would be fast enough.
    I wouldn’t worry with this amount of data.

    If you get more rows, lets 100 000 and more, then I should consider the right db engine and maybe a remote db rather than run on the user device.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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