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    Oga Dei


    This is a nearly-new installation of Felgo 2.0.3 (that’s the number at the top of the installer-changelog file, so I assume that it’s the version number?). The FlappyBird tutorial runs beautifully, but the MultiplayerDemo doesn’t seem to run.

    I get the following message in the Live Client (and a similar one in the Server):

    An error occured, please check the log output for details!
    /MultiplayerDemo/qml/MultiplayerMain.qml:128:3: Type GameScene unavailable
    /MultiplayerDemo/qml/scenes/GameScene.qml:151:5: "Connections.enabled" is not available in QtQuick 2.3


    Is this supposed to “just work”, or am I guilty of not reading the manual carefully enough?




Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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