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    I need to send file (picture) in MMS or as an attachment in email in Android and iOS. For now testing on Android. I have latest Felgo version.

    I’m using nativeUtils.share for that but it always creates SMS not MMS with text as file_path not with image attached.

    I have read this

    And I have proper section inside AndroidManifest and res/xml/file_paths.xml

    Actually it was created by Felgo when I created my project.

    If I use

    nativeUtils.share("Share Photo from server", root.file_path);

    And choose to send “message” I got SMS with text:

    Share Photo from server file://data/data/package_name/files/15.png

    Am I missing something or is this problem related to earlier post in forum ?

    And something more is needed as nativeUtil.share will only share url/text ?





    Felgo Team

    Hi Marek,

    the NativeUtils::share method is only intended for text and (web-)urls.

    The forum thread you referenced is about sharing an file with another application and chose your own as the target for such a share.

    Sending (sharing) files will require native code, you might get some ideas how to do this with Qt/Felgo for that from this blog post:

    We can also add those features for you, with the purchase of a support package. Let us know at if this is interesting for you!

    Alternatively it might be interesting to use cloud services like Firebase Storage, to upload files to the cloud and send the download link instead of the file directly?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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