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    I don’t know what happened.

    I think I remember accidentally clicking something but I don’t know and don’t remember what it was…..

    Anyway, the result seems to be this:

    When I go to create new project with the template, it use to be that it is just smooth and successful, but now I get this message:

    No valid Qt versions found.  Please add a Qt version in Tools/Options or via the maintenance tool of the SDK.


    I click on Tools….I don’t see a “Options” option. Just Locate, C++, Bookmark, etc.



    Also, now when I run my existing projects, I am getting:

    Qt Creator needs a tool chain set up to build.  Configure a tool chain in Project mode.



    1.) What did I accidentally do that would cause this?

    2.) How do I fix this?


    Thank you.





    Just posting this for future readers.

    I downloaded and installed Xcode 2 days ago without running it.

    I think that was the reason the tool chain broke.

    Xcode must have deleted the components that V-play Qt Editor was using upon downloading/installing Xcode.

    Today after posting the previous post describing the tool chain being broken, I thought of it and tried actually running Xcode.  By running it it requested to install other components it requires.  After that, I tested Qt V-play again and now it is back to normal.


    Ok…I hope that helps other people who encounter this problem….


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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