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    I am newby in Felgo, and before use pure QT. Now I have a small project with 2 pages, but can’t send it to TestFlight, becose App Store Connect robot send me e-mail with:


    Non-public API usage:

    The app references non-public selectors in dveegClient: auth, authenticator, clearCache, configure, defaultConfig, email, getInstance, isAnonymous, itemId, logEvent:, logger, purchaseType, push:, redo:, reference, setAge:, setAppID:, setAppVersion:, setChannels:, setDeviceId:, setGender:, setLogLevel:, setPrice:, setSubscription:, setUserID:, setUserId:, signOut:, startManager, storage, tokenString, uid, undo:
    If method names in your source code match the private Apple APIs listed above, altering your method names will help prevent this app from being flagged in future submissions. In addition, note that one or more of the above APIs may be located in a static library that was included with your app. If so, they must be removed.


    But there is no in my code (authenticator is for example, some result with other selectors)


    Searching 166 files for “authenticator”

    0 matches


    My *.pro file:


    QT += networkauth positioning location

    CONFIG += c++17
    CONFIG += v-play

    CONFIG += qtquickcompiler

    RESOURCES += resources.qrc # uncomment for publishing

    INCLUDEPATH += $$PWD/app

    TRANSLATIONS = qml/translations/en_EN.ts \

    # Add more folders to ship with the application here

    # NOTE: for PUBLISHING, perform the following steps:
    # 1. comment the DEPLOYMENTFOLDERS += qmlFolder line above, to avoid shipping your qml files with the application (instead they get compiled to the app binary)
    # 2. uncomment the resources.qrc file inclusion and add any qml subfolders to the .qrc file; this compiles your qml files and js files to the app binary and protects your source code
    # 3. change the setMainQmlFile() call in main.cpp to the one starting with “qrc:/” – this loads the qml files from the resources
    # for more details see the “Deployment Guides” in the Felgo Documentation

    # during development, use the qmlFolder deployment because you then get shorter compilation times (the qml files do not need to be compiled to the binary but are just copied)
    # also, for quickest deployment on Desktop disable the “Shadow Build” option in Projects/Builds – you can then select “Run Without Deployment” from the Build menu in Qt Creator if you only changed QML files; this speeds up application start, because your app is not copied & re-compiled but just re-interpreted

    # configure the product’s bundle identifier
    # this identifier is used for the app on iOS
    PRODUCT_IDENTIFIER = ox.dveegClient

    # The .cpp file which was generated for your project. Feel free to hack it.
    SOURCES += main.cpp \
    app/models/taskmodel.cpp \
    app/models/usermodel.cpp \
    app/wrappers/networkwrapper.cpp \
    app/corecontroller.cpp \
    app/wrappers/locationwrapper.cpp \
    app/wrappers/filestorewrapper.cpp \
    app/wrappers/handledeeplink.cpp \

    android {
    OTHER_FILES += android/AndroidManifest.xml android/build.gradle

    ios {
    QMAKE_INFO_PLIST = ios/Project-Info.plist

    # set application icons for win and macx
    win32 {
    RC_FILE += win/app_icon.rc
    macx {
    ICON = macx/app_icon.icns

    HEADERS += \
    app/models/taskmodel.h \
    app/models/usermodel.h \
    app/wrappers/networkwrapper.h \
    app/corecontroller.h \
    app/constants.h \
    app/wrappers/locationwrapper.h \
    app/wrappers/filestorewrapper.h \
    app/wrappers/handledeeplink.h \


    I’m changing the code and compilation options the third day without any effect šŸ™ And need some help with this.





    Xcode 9.4.1, Felgo 2.18.0



    I am getting hit by this exact same error as well.Ā  This is happening with both Vplay 2.17.1 and 2.18.


    Felgo Team


    It looks like AppleĀ changed some validation tests for uploaded binaries that results in those false positives. We are currently evaluatingĀ the issue and let you know asap.


    Alex from Felgo



    Same here, while uploading to AppStore. I’m in a bit of a rush with the release. Any news on progress?


    Felgo Team


    Unfortunately, we are still in discussion. What we currently know is that Apple is triggering some “false positives” during binary validation and they are investigating things further.Ā Regarding your upcoming release, can you send us a message to support@felgo.com, referencing that forum thread, so we can look into a workaround for you?


    Alex from Felgo



    Ok, thanks – email sent!




    I am running into this as well, what is the status?




    Felgo Team

    Hi Bas,

    Just received your email, we will follow up there!


    Alex from Felgo


    Felgo User


    I am getting exactly same issue by using 218.

    What’s the update now?





    Felgo Team

    Hi Jun,

    We are making progress. In the meanwhile, can you please also send us an e-mail to support@felgo.comĀ referencing that thread?


    Alex from Felgo



    Hi All,

    I make a build with 2.18.1, and it’s successful go to the TestFlight.



    Felgo Team

    Thanks for your feedback!

    Release 2.18.1 indeed resolves the issue, after updating you can upload builds to App Store Connect and TestFlight asĀ usual.


    Alex from Felgo

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