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    i added this code in my page:

    Page {
        id: operationsPage
        title: "Operazioni"
        property ListModel operationsListModel: ListModel {}
        property ListModel daysListModel: ListModel {}
        property var days: []
        // add a custom NavigationBarItem in the left slot of the NavigationBar
        rightBarItem: NavigationBarRow {
            IconButtonBarItem {
              icon: widgetsPage.activated ? IconType.toggleon : IconType.toggleoff
              onClicked: widgetsPage.activated = !widgetsPage.activated
              title: "Toggle"
            } // NavigationBarItem

    but i don’t see the IconButterBarItem. What do i wrong? I’m became crazy for it


    Felgo Team

    Hi Nicola,

    There seems nothing to be wrong in your code, the sample is working fine here. Can you post a screenshot? Is it also missing when switching to other themes from the menu bar? On which platform are you testing?






    i’m testing on iOS 10, in my main page i have this:


    NavigationItem {
                title: "Prenotazione"
                NavigationStack {
                    OperationsPage {
            } // navigation item

    OperationsPage is in previous post.

    The screenshot is




    Resolved, my mistake, sorry. Wrong name page. How i can push a button in the navigation bar? AppButton is not derived from navigation item.


    Felgo Team

    You can add an IconButtonBarItem if you want an icon button. If you want to display a custom content, like a text, you can create your own instance of type ButtonBarItem and set the contentItem property to your content item (e.g. Text {}) or just add it as a child of the base.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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