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    Hello, is there an off-line installer available or a faster download via a CDN?


    I consistently get about 1.8MB/s DL speed and I’ve a 500Mb/s pipe…getting 40-50MB/s most everywhere else e.g. qt.io, android.com, etc.  My main problem is that my automated builds are going to take a long-time to install or timeout or the CI/CD queue will stack up.  Also, I normally periodically burn down local envs just to ensure good dev/prod parity. Thanks!



    Felgo Team

    Hi Mike!

    We only offer online installers as pre-built version for download on our website. If you require an offline installer, we can build the current Felgo version as offline installer for you with the purchase of a support package or the included support of Felgo Enterprise.

    If this is interesting for you, just send a mail to support@felgo.com and we’ll discuss the details.




    Great, thanks Günther!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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