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    Hello VPlay, I have a small problem

    I use onNotificationReceived signal from One Signal plugin to send the user to the messages Page with popAllExceptFirstAndPush()

    But I also use onApplicationResumed signal to check if the user didn’t open my app for a long time. On that case, I do popAllExceptFirst() and force the user to come back to my initial page.

    As you can see, both handlers are in conflict, being fired onNotificationReceived first, taking the user to the messages app. But right after this signal, applicationResumed is fired and eventually, if the user did not enter my app for a long time the second signal would take the user out of messages Page.

    How can I solve this? Is it possible to cancel applicationResumed signal in this case?



    Felgo Team


    It is not possible to cancel the signal, but you have full control over what to do when the signals fire, right?

    Does it work for you use-case to e.g. set a global property when the notificationReceived is fired, which you can then check in your handler code of applicationResumed to skip the additional popAllExceptFirst() call?

    E.g. somehow like this:

    App {
      id: app
      property bool receivedNotification: false
      OneSignal {
        // ...
        onNotificationReceived: {
          app.receivedNotification = true
          // ...
      onApplicationResumed: {
          app.receivedNotification = false
        else {
         // ...


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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