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    Good afternoon,

    I’d like to use OneSignal plugin, nice dashboard, api, multiplatform…

    But I already have a custom backend service, using platform specific ids (gcm and apn) so I’d like to retrieve that id from a OneSignal’s QML element.

    I’m trying this:




    id: onesignal

    appId: “1c016…” // replace with your OneSignal appId

    googleProjectNumber: “75…” // replace with your googleProjectNumber


    function getRegId(){

    console.log(“regId:”, onesignal.registrationId)


    and I get this on console: I/OneSignal(13053): Device registered, Google Registration ID = APA91bGMNLe6r5QLxptA . . .

    but when I try to call getRegId() all I see is an empty string: (getRegId): qml: regId:

    Is there anything I am missing?




    Felgo Team

    For anyone who experiences this problem as well:
    We already had a look at this issue and prepared a fix to be shipped with the next Felgo Update.




    Yes they did, all I have to say here is to confirm Günther words.

    They prepared the fix, we tested it and my problem was solved.

    Couldn’t find better support, great job Felgo team!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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