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    i turned the rotation option on in Android manifest and in IOS plist

    in config i still have orientation : landscape.

    on ipad 2 when turning the device the app stops working and relaunches.
    on an ipad air everything goes well.

    any ideas?



    Felgo Team

    Did you try this on an empty Felgo Game or with your current project?

    Are there any error messages in the Application Output?



    hi G<u>unter</u>

    it crashes at a certain point in the application

    The app stops at:


    warning: could not load any Objective-C class information from the dyld shared cache. This will significantly reduce the quality of type information available.


    i will try to cancel out some funtions and objects, maybe i can isolate the problem




    ok i have changed some QML layout and got rid of a lot of nested structures, which caused the crash, probably to slow operation of iPad2



    The error is still there, and i experience it on different scenes as well., but

    But I am not shure what causes this problem.

    digging deeper

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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