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    im trying to create background scrolling for flappybird and I  want it to start when game starts and to stop when player crashes …I have this so far for the background.qml but it just scrolls and doesn’t stop.. any ideas?


    ParallaxScrollingBackground {

    id: bg
    movementVelocity: Qt.point(10,0)
    ratio: Qt.point(1.0,1.0)
    sourceImage: “../img/bg-sd.png”
    function startGame() {
    bg.running = true

    function stop() {
    bg.running = false


    Felgo Team


    where did you put your ParallaxScrollingBackground item, in the GameScene.qml or in the Level.qml? Because the GameScene.qml already has methods startGame() and stopGame() where you could change the running property and the Level.qml already has start() and stop() methods. In your example above however, you used startGame() and stop(). Make sure your functions are called correctly, e.g. with console.debug(“…”) messages.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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