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    Please excuse me if this has been brought up before.


    I am experimenting a bit with the Physics engine and a tiled based (old school) platformer design.  I have tiled out the ground as BoxColliders, created my BoxCollider player and have him moving across the ground but he would get stuck in one spot here and there seemingly randomly.  I figured he was getting stuck in spots between some of the ground colliders (which is a bummer) and from what I have read online, I was correct.


    The easy way to fix this problem would be to simply change the player into a Circle Collider.  I have experimented with this and even though this seems like a quick fix, it does not address the player needing to get close to the edge of a platform (within the circle’s radius) and then rolling off the platform on its own as it naturally does because it is a circle.  What I see needing is the front part of the player Body collider being a circle and the back part being a Box OR I from what I have read I could keep the player a Box and use some type of edge chaining method.  The Body would also need to keep track of the Circle being the leading Collider shape for the direction the player is facing


    I thought I would bring up this discussion to see what might be recommended for a Felgo game.  The levels in this game will be larger than the screen size, a camera will be attached to the player, I intend to use the in-game level editor to create levels and I always prefer the simplest solution.



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    Heading down this path next for the player entity.



    Ok, I found the functions I need for smooth movement with tiled BoxColliders by turning off and on the collsionTestingOnlyMode.

    fixture.onBeginContact: {           
                if(player.y <= tile.y)      collisionTestingOnlyMode = false //ground
                else if(player.y >= tile.y) collisionTestingOnlyMode = false //ceiling
                else if(player.x <= tile.x) collisionTestingOnlyMode = false //left wall
                else if(player.x >= tile.x) collisionTestingOnlyMode = false //right wall
    fixture.onEndContact: { collisionTestingOnlyMode = true }


    I am still unsure about sticking with a Body.Dynamic for my player.  I had this very same issue when I was prototyping in Unity.  I ended up applying velocities and handling ground and collision detection myself to get that old school feel.


    Felgo Team


    your solution sounds pretty good to me.

    You can also get in contact with the developers of Pharaoh’s Escape (you can download it for iOS & Android in the app stores), which  had similar problems: they used a CircleCollider in the end and also laid out their ground with tiles.

    I think their platformer behavior is really well done – do you have questions you would like to discuss with them, and should I send them the link to this froum thread?

    Cheers, Chris



    I will look their project up and contact them directly.  Thanks for pointing me in their direction and I think I am making some progress here.


    Thanks Chris.


    Felgo Team

    Sounds good!

    If you share your solution afterwards this would be a great help for the community!

    Cheers, Chris

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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