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    Hi guys,

    I’d like to have different methods of navigating the levels of my game.

    At the moment, I have an ‘A-Z’ option and a categories option.

    I think a nice feature would be a ‘Popular Today’ category, which involves recording how many people have played a particular level and sorting the levels by that criteria.

    Is it possible┬áto do this? I’m not using custom level/community level creation.


    Felgo Team

    By using the level editor feature, you get a sorting of total plays. You can also sort based on highest number of downloads or highest ranked. Is there a specific reason why you are not using the available level editing API?

    Cheers, Chris



    Hi there,

    I decided not to use the LevelEditor, as my levels are fairly basic. An item┬áneed to be spawned in a particular position and move across the screen, nothing more than that, so I figured a full blown level editor for something so trivial was overkill. I also do not want community generated levels (it’s not specific to my game).


    Does the sorting of ‘total plays’ mean total plays across all users of the game, or locally?

    Would an option be to simply use the LevelEditor for storing my levels and their respective data, and not make use of the real-time editing/community editing feature?


    Felgo Team


    total play sorting means the total plays across all users of the game.

    The option you suggested using the LevelEditor for storing the data is a good one! However, if you already have your own editor, I would recommend also giving this access to your players as you get many benefits from that (e.g. your users will create new content by themselves and make your game more interesting!).

    Cheers, Chris

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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