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    Felgo Team

    Hi Cho!

    Can you have a look at the “Android” settings in the Qt Creator options – are all the paths configured correctly?
    Also, are there any errors displayed when you select the Android Kit in the “Build & Run” settings?

    Best, Günther



    Thanks Gunther,

    Its ok. I restarted qt and it went well. But, I got a new problem. By problem, I mean, may be difficulty. I build using android kit and I got a folder. But, I can’t find any .apk in that folder. Where is the .apk ? O.o





    I got the .apk when I connect to internet. It downloaded some files when building.


    Felgo Team

    Yes, I think the gradle build might download a few additional packages. Happy to hear everything works now!

    If anyone else also has the same problem: The apk is then located in the android-build/build/outputs/apk folder of the build directory.

    Cheers, Günther

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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