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    This is more a question about QT that Felgo, but I don’t if some one else have the same issues:

    After upgrade to XCode 11.  I can’t launch the simulators, I get :

    xcodebuild build -project TriviadosApp3.xcodeproj -scheme TriviadosApp3 -configuration Debug -destination “id=” -destination-timeout 1 ENABLE_ONLY_ACTIVE_RESOURCES=NO

    xcodebuild: error: missing value for key ‘id’ of option ‘Destination’

    I have found some similar issues on google and stackoverlow but the posts are old and I haven’t been able to fix it.


    The second error is more about QT creator too, I have some iOS devices to test, but from a while now, the QT creator got ‘fixed’ with only one, I connect the other devices and QT said the devices are connected and ready to use(Preferences>devices ) but when I go to run or debug (Projects> QT iOS Felgo > Run)I got a warning “Iphone of Luis is not connected, select ‘device connected’?” but there is no option to change the devices or anything,  someone know how to fix this?

    Im abput to reinstall all Felgo again




    I haven’t fount out how to fix the ID issue, but looks like is because QT can’t find the simmulators, maybe they were changed on different directory on XCode 11, but to answer myself the second issue is fixed on:   Qt creator > Prefences > Kits > Select Qt [version] iOS Felgo  and on Devices select the connected iOS device.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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