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    Hi, I am new to Felgo!
    And I have the following situation:
    1. When I add new files like .json or.png into the assets folder, and run cmake, the IDE puts png files into “Resources” and json ones into “assets“. Why?
    2. To resolve the above issues, I tried to add .qrc file. It worked with folders more or less organized. However, when I enter the license key into CmakeLists.txt

    and as a property for GameWindow, then when building and running the project, i get a message that the key is not valid.

    It says the App identifies of this license doesn’t match the one detected at runtime or from config.json

    However, when I do not change the structure of the cMakeLists.txt, then when generating and inserting the key, all works fine. Just the project structures and allocated files not as I expected.


    Felgo Team


    I think this is simply how Qt Creator groups and displays files of different types. There nothing wrong with the setup and no need to add a custom QRC file.

    With a Qt 6 / Felgo 4 project, the choice whether to use the QRC system or local deployment of QML files and assets can be made by uncommenting and commenting the respective lines in the CMake configuration:

    # Deploy resources to build folder/package directly
    # comment for publishing

    # Add QML files and resources to QML module to included them via QRC automatically:
    URI BasicApp
    VERSION 1.0
    # uncomment for publishing:
    #QML_FILES ${QmlFiles}
    #RESOURCES ${AssetsFiles}


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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