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    I have searched the internet and not finding a solution, I am running under Arch LInux Manjaro 64 bit;

    Ran MaintenanceTool and installed all Options.

    Trying to setup Android NDK; under Tools -> Options -> Devices -> Android

    Under Android NDK: Cannot create kits for all architectures:

    x86-linux-android-elf-64bit and arm-linux-android-elf-64bit

    I have also installed the SDK and NDK from AUR, also installed as many Android complies as I can find; they did cut down on many errors about the 32 bit versions; but I found those under FelgoSDK : Felgo folders: android_armv7 and android_x86.
    Under Build & Run -> Qt Version;

    I find the above folders (android_armv7 and android_x86) are for 32 bit versions of the same files (arm-linux-android-elf-32bit, x86-linux-android-elf-32bit)

    I have all the 64 bit tools installed; as well as 32 bit; which is working fine.

    My guess is that Felgo does not provide the 64 bit versions; and to add a custom one; you must have a folder to point to qmake for that platform. I must be missing something; a dependency or something; or Felgo does not require these files. Everything works fine without them; I just wanted a clean install.

    Thank for any help

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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