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    HI Felgo,
    Have few questions regarding upgrade plan Felgo has.

    1. Are you going to go with Qt 5.9.x releases? So upgrade to 5.9.2 and later to 5.10 or you will stick with 5.9 LTS?
    If the plan is to jump to 5.10 as soon as it’s available I can maybe do some testing for Felgo with current Qt 5.10 beta.
    2. Any plans to upgrade QtCreator to 4.4.1?
    3. What do you think about Qt 3D Studio?
    4. I like also you started posting things on Qt blog. Was nice to see other developers reactions to, for example, the Qt summit app.
    I still need to understand few concerns other developers had for your app design and the way Qt should be done.
    Also the comments about scaling and units were interesting.


    Felgo Team

    Hi Marcin,

    we always try to follow the Qt releases (both Qt and Qt Creator) as close as possible, unless there are major blocking bugs, that would not enable our developers to continue using our tools efficiently. We are looking forward to Qt 5.10, we want our developers to be able to use all the latest features of Qt also with Felgo.

    Once our internal tests complete with the newest stable Qt or Qt Creator version, we also release an update built with the latest version.

    I will check back with our team if we could make it possible to include dedicated users like you in the testing process, this would be pretty nice.

    Regarding Qt 3D Studio, we did not yet decide if it fits our slightly more mobile-oriented tool-set. Stay tuned!

    Scaling and device independent units are always subject of discussion. We chose to go with the device-independent pixel solution that is also used with Android, as we think it is a great fit and opens the possibility to use both normal pixels and device-independent dimensions at the same time.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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