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    When I was trying to get the android configuration working I had two Felgo installations with Felgo4 being in Felgo4. I’ve since deleted this and just have one version of Felgo installed.

    However, when I open a project configuration the values revert to the old ‘Felgo4’ paths. For example: CMAKE_C_COMPILER, CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH etc. If I change them then CMAKE fails and all the values revert back to the wrong path.

    I’ve deleted the CMakeLists.txt.user and regenerated it, I also can’t find anything in my project that relates to the ‘Felgo4’ folders.

    So, where do these values get populated from? How can I make them point to the correct location without  them reverting?



    Fixed it.

    An old build folder was still there so when I opened the project in QtCreator it imported those project settings.

    Is there a way to turn off this importing? I don’t like it but it’s only a minor annoyance.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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