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    I save high score in local storage and report it to v-play game network so that user can report the highest score as soon as he gets online.

    If local storage has higher score, that score is reported to game network and vice versa.

    Now, I want to reset high score of all user every month and I want to reset both high score from local and network.

    How can I implement that? Thanks…


    Felgo Team


    First of all you don’t necessarily need to save your highscore locally, the gamenetwork components will cache a highscore locally until a device is online and can send it to the backend (offline support).

    For your use-case the best solution would be to use a new leaderboard for every month. You can automate that task by naming your leaderboards something like “<YEAR>-<MONTH>” and use that one for the reportScore function. With that approach you can also access past leaderboards at any time if you would ever need the ranking again.

    Hope this answers your question?



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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