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    Congrats. It looks like a fun game! 😀



    pklaffert your game is cool i must say even without audio or sound effects i can sense the action. But i cant seem to jump over the big red spike. i have failed 10 times. by 10 times it seems i am addicted to the game but i get frustrated on that rep pipe.  I like how you put the 3 screens together after gameover. it looks are unique way. it would have been even better if it was animated you know… slides and zoomings and such, Felgo got your back on these ones. Since your game is best on the daily score. you could intergrate push notification and alert people when the score changes, that would create some cool addictive play kinda like when farmville alerts you the tomatoes are ripe or when clash of clans tells you the castle is on attack.  I like the character all round and huge. The UX and UI of the game am not convinced yet, like at the top left corner of the title screen i cant really see the number of coins. oh am using Nexus 5.  okay then going to setting i enabled the sound and that was were i knew the game has sound. move the sound togggle to the titlescreen would help.  Thanks for building with Felgo i love it when the community keeps growing.


    About me

    Just some random guy that plays a lot of mobile games.




    Hey maitek, hey Drink Tea Games,


    I am glad that you like the game.


    @ Drink Tea Games:


    regarding the big red spikes: That is all just timing. I know that it can be a bit frustrating if you can’t jump over those. But after a few tries you should get the timing right and after a few more you probably can compete for a nice spot in the highscore.


    Regarding your other points:

    I will consider some of those and implement them once I have some time to spare.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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