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    Ginzo Milani

    While running under live code reload, debug mode with android I have to wait a random amount of time before proceeding to a specific scene otherwise the app crashes and I get a segmentation fault, the scene is not loaded externally either. This also occurs when I press certain buttons too at seemingly random. When running the cached version, it works better but occasionally also has a segmentation fault.


    Here’s an example of one of the android crash logs:



    Felgo Team


    Does this also happen with other applications?

    Can you provide a minimum project example with only a simple setup, that allows to reproduce the issue?



    Ginzo Milani

    It does not occur with other applications, it depends on which computer compiles it and strangely enough, recompiling/rebuiling the entire app actually does fix it for awhile, so it seems to be some sort of issue with the live reloading. It would be tremendously helpful if there was a way to follow these crashes, but instead the live reloading app crashes completely on the phone and the server acts as if nothing happened( it doesn’t give any error or prompt)


    Felgo Team

    So the crashes are seemingly random and also depend on which computer compiles the app? Do you compile your own Live Client app for the project, did you actually mean that it depends on the computer that runs the Live Server (which sends the QML files to the client for live preview)?

    Does it only crash on Android or also on other platforms (Desktop, iOS?)



    Ginzo Milani

    I do compile my own live client app, I’ve narrowed down the crashes to the audio files/resources.qrc, depending on the audio file I add (I am following the formats supported so .wav/.mp3), they will cause a segmentation fault. This may be coincidental though.


    Felgo Team
Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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