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OverviewFelgo 2 Support (Qt 5) › setting initial width/height of the UI components

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    I want to set some initial height of the UI elements eg. AppButton and I want to use this height through different UI elements of the app.

    So I have Style.qml which is Singleton

    pragma Singleton
    import Felgo 3.0
    import QtQuick 2.12
    Item {
        property double buttonHeight:dp(30)

    However I can’t set dp(30) here because it says  ReferenceError: dp is not defined

    I can’t set it at the beginning of the App

        id: app
        Style.buttonHeight: dp(30)

    because it says:  Non-existent attached object

    I’m setting it at the end of Main

    Component.onCompleted: {

    which is fine for Desktop, but it causes mobile app to blink/resize on startup

    Question: what is recommended way of using dp() function , so I could set size of the UI elements on startup and have it available in all components ?

    Now I’m using import “style” in other qml files and I can set eg height:Style.buttonHeight but app blink/resize on startup

    Best Regards




    Well, maybe after all it wasn’t wise question 😉

    I’m setting sizes of elements at the beginning of the app and Style singleton is for changing color theme of the UI

        id: app
        property int buttonHeight:dp(30)
        property double buttonRadius: buttonHeight * 0.5
        property bool on_phone:((Qt.platform.os == "android" || Qt.platform.os == "ios") && !tablet ? true : false)




    Felgo Team

    Hi Marek,


    yes, the global property in App, or a global QtObject with the desired properties should do the trick.


    If you’re looking into styling components I’d also suggest taking a look at here:


    It’s probably the easiest way to theme your app.





    Thanks for answer,

    I am using Theme in some of my apps, but now I have custom buttons and everything, and different icons for different color schemes

    Best Regards


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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