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    We developed a multiplayer card game, but when we are playing in low internet connection, we are frequently facing the following issues,

    1. Some players can see as other players are in the game, but actually, they are not connected to the game.

    2. In an ongoing game, the players are automatically leaving and rejoining (however enableLateJoin property is false in our game).

    3. Some time game is not correctly synced (sent messages are not received in the correct time for some players).

    Also, there have some other minor issues as well, but these things only happen when the internet connection is very slow and if the connection is high speed the game works fine.

    please, I need to know, do you have any suggestions to fix these issues?


    Felgo Team

    Hi Jamie,

    is your game using the latest Felgo SDK at the moment?

    We are frequently adding minor updates and fixes for Felgo Multiplayer, so we advise to keep up-to-date. In general, it help us a lot if you could narrow down these issues with steps how to easily reproduce and your detailed test device information. The more information we have, the better.

    We can then file a bug report to further investigate and work on a fix for the issues.


    If you require immediate help for your project, you can also hire a Felgo developer to have a detailed look at your project for some direct testing and fixing as part of our support offering and app development services. Just get in touch at support@felgo.com if this is interesting for you!


    Günther from Felgo



    Felgo Team

    I just created a bug report for your issues. If you have some further details, just let me know and I’ll add it to the issue description.



    Hi Günther,

    Sorry for the late reply.Thanks for creating a bug report for this problem.

    Also, I am now using the latest felgo SDK, but issues are continuously happening.
    Additionally, could you please send me FelgoMultiplayer error signal`s different errorCodes and related errorMessages




    Felgo Team

    Hi Jamie,

    FelgoMultiplayer is based on the Photon Multiplayer service. Thus, the error codes and messages reflect the reported errors from Photon.

    You can see the Photon SDK documentation for more information: https://doc-api.photonengine.com/en/javascript/current/Photon.LoadBalancing.LoadBalancingClient.html

    According to the Photon docs, the error codes reflect:

    Ok number No Error.
    MasterError number General Master server peer error.
    MasterConnectFailed number Master server connection error.
    MasterConnectClosed number Disconnected from Master server.
    MasterTimeout number Disconnected from Master server for timeout.
    MasterEncryptionEstablishError number Master server encryption establishing failed.
    MasterAuthenticationFailed number Master server authentication failed.
    GameError number General Game server peer error.
    GameConnectFailed number Game server connection error.
    GameConnectClosed number Disconnected from Game server.
    GameTimeout number Disconnected from Game server for timeout.
    GameEncryptionEstablishError number Game server encryption establishing failed.
    GameAuthenticationFailed number Game server authentication failed.
    NameServerError number General NameServer peer error.
    NameServerConnectFailed number NameServer connection error.
    NameServerConnectClosed number Disconnected from NameServer.
    NameServerTimeout number Disconnected from NameServer for timeout.
    NameServerEncryptionEstablishError number NameServer encryption establishing failed.
    NameServerAuthenticationFailed number NameServer authentication failed.


    Günther from Felgo

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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