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    Question 1: is possible to mix different types of Goods?

    Im implementing a small store on my app, I want to sell some items you can use during the game, there are only 4, So I want to sell them as package, ex:

    package 1:

    5 of item 1, 2 fo item 2, 10 of item 3,

    total: 1 usd


    package 2:

    10 of item 1, 4 fo item 2, 20 of item 3,

    total: 2 usd

    but on the examples I didn’t found an example similar to what Im trying to do.


    Question 2.Remote Receipt Validation

    Im new on all of this of mobile, and I was reading I need to do this validation to complete the purchase, Soomla already does this? or I need an extra service to do it, if so, please can you point me to a tutorial of how to do this?


    Question 3.The inventory of the purchases are only on Soomla? can I retrieve it to my DB? the items I implemented were granted and check by a service on my server. At the end of the game, I check, how many items and what types did the gamer used, and validate that the item used were granted by the server by an unique id.


    Felgo Team


    I’ll try to quickly answer your questions:

    1. You can freely mix them. What you probably are looking for is creating a SingleUseGood (which represents your pack) which is configured with a StorePurchase. If that one is bought by the user (listen to itemPurchased signal), you can use the giveItem method to give the user your desired amount of other SingleUseGood items (which represent your in game items). That way you can use the built in storage of the Store to manage those items.
    2. There is no need for manual additional remote receipt validation.
    3. The goods are managed by Soomla. If you want to sync them with your own remote DB, you will have to do so manually when performing associated actions in your app.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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