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    Hi All,

    I hope you are doing well.

    I am making game. That one for I added in-app purchase and itune connect in-app purchase configurations all are done. But when I build install application for device, in install time raising fallowing warning

    <b>”SOOMLA SoomlaStore: Invalid product id (when trying to fetch item details): com.*****.******.25games”</b>

    As well as when I using sandbox user credential and try buy item from game, there has error and cannot buy item

    Error is “<b>Error Domain=SKErrorDomain Code=0 “Cannot connect to iTunes Store” UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Cannot connect to iTunes Store}</b>

    Best Regards,



    Felgo Team

    Hi Jamie!

    Did you follow all configuration steps for the Soomla plugin?
    Please also check whether the product id of your purchasable products is correctly configured in iTunes Connect and the Soomla Configuration.

    Regarding singing and provision profiles: Your set up profiles should have In-App Purchases enabled by default. You can also verify this with the Apple Developer Member Center in the details of e.g. your provisioning profiles

    For testing the In-App Purchases, please also consider uploading a Beta Build version for internal testing via TestFlight. Only Apps installed from the store or via TestFlight are really distributed by Apple and thus have access to the store environment. It is possible that the products are not available for completely local tests.


    Günther from Felgo



    Hi Günther!

    Problem now solved. Yes, It`s problem from provision profile.

    Thank and Best,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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