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    Barazi Ala


    I deployed my application to Android device. Local storage work fine on desktop but not on Android. Why so?

    I gave permission for the app to use the storage.


    Felgo Team


    what type of local storage are you using, is this for data or files? What component(s) are you using in your code?

    If you can provide a code example it might be easier to find the issue.



    Barazi Ala

    Hi Alex,

    I tried two QML components Storage and WebStorage. Both work fine on desktop. This mean that all the changes are saved. Closing the application and opening it again preserve the changes that I have made. On Nokia 8.1 model TA-1119

    Android 10 kernal 4.9.179-perf+ #1 Fri Dec 13 21:56:57 CST 2019B Buildnumber 00WW_4_15B_SP03

    Closing the app delete remove the stored data.

    I use Component.onDestruction method to write the last data to the storage when user close the application .


    Barazi Ala

    Just to update the status for other.

    The problem was that I setValue for the Sotrage object only once, when user quit the application. Thus, I put setValue under Component.onDetsruction{}.

    I think that this signal work only on desktop when user click the close button but not on Android when user close the application using apps manager.

    The solution is to save to Storage after every change made by user

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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