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    I’ve bought Felgo to speed up my development process. I just started with QML using Felgo. After two weeks now I got familar with it and I finally like QML more than the old widget system. While trying different things I encountered several bugs or misleading behaviors in some components that are really annoying.


    To start with I think the most annoying thing is the AppButton. I like this QML Type. It automatically changes it style which is fine.

    But did you ever test to have 3 of them in a row? No? Try it in a simple RowLayout.

    However even anchored AppButton’s do have a strange behavior.

    I don’t know how you guys calculate the width of the button but it’s indeed not possible to stretch a button using anchors. Instead I have to use a minimumWidth property that solves this.

    Ok, Gotcha – a nice workaround.

    QT’s Button is a nice way to compare against. Every expected anchored layout or even Row/- Column Layouts are functionin as expected with a simple Button. Not with AppButton. I always have to do some “fixes” to get it to work.


    So, my question. Is there a way that you show me the code of AppButton?

    I want to have a look into it and check how it is build. I am about to create my own App Button but I would rather do copy/pasta the themeing part as this is very well implemented. Except layouting this really sucks in AppButton.


    There are indeed more components that have a strange behavior. Actually I am just using Felgo in my App using your NavigationStack and Page types. Unfortunetely I build every other component on my own (SwipeView’s etc).


    P.S.: Check your demo with that bike renting map thing. You’ve implemented a¬†horizontal swipeable list. Cool trick with that ListDelegate and contentX hack but anyhow – a flickable is way easier to implement a Swipe-Widget. Having this list delegate hack you can’t add dynamically created QML objects to it.



    I hope you really care about this thread as I look forward to an answer, not as my last one that actually got hit and no-one responded.


    Felgo Team

    Hi Sven,

    yes we do care about this. If you find a bug, please post about it here and we’ll fix it for the next update & provide you with a temporary workaround if possible.

    We’ll do the same asap for the things you mentioned above.

    Regarding the “thread no one responded” with automation support – I sent you an email where I’m still waiting for a reply what you need exactly.

    Cheers, Chris

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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