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OverviewFelgo 3 Support (Qt 5) › Unable to connect to websocket server on Android QML App

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    paul grant


    I’ve taken the basic websocket server example from qt5.9, place it in a vplay project

    and tried to connect to it from a linux based websocket client, but it refuses to accept

    a connection. I see the error in the node console.

    The same vplay app will accept connection if run as a linux desktop app?!?


    On Android i’m using APK19.


    To test if websockets can work in this way on android I’ve downloaded an

    app from the android store and found I can connect to it fine!


    I checked permissions on the app and found the following:






    I’ve added these to the vplay app, but it still refuses to accept connection!


    Is there a separate permission required for QT/QML network access?

    What would cause this?


    Any help would be appreciated!


    Paul Grant



    Felgo Team

    Hi Paul,

    just to clarify: Your app can connect to the webserver if running on desktop (Linux) but cannot connect if running on Android?

    Does the same happen without using Felgo, so just running the plain Qt webserver example?

    If yes, then please also post this on the official Qt forums to get some more input on this, since it might be a Qt related issue.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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