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    Is it possible to use FelgoLiveServer apart of Qt Creator IDE?
    I want to write code in visual studio code and make bash script that running FelgoLiveServer GUI.

    Now I’m forced to run Qt Creator first, press “Live Run” button and then minimize it for further VS Code coding.

    Tried to run in terminal but got next result: Image ( Missing project path argument! )

    Tried to find any information about FelgoLiveServer terminal arguments like path to project or like but not get anythink…



    Felgo Team


    yes this is possible. The Live Server actually only takes one single command line argument, which is the path to the root folder of your project.

    E.g. like this:

    FelgoLiveServer.exe D:\Felgo\Source\Testproject

    It sounds like you already found the location of the executable, but for the sake of completeness for other users, it is located in the Felgo\FelgoLive subfolder of your installation.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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