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    Hi Felgo community,


    I’m in the early stages of developing a desktop application and have been using the Live Client and Live Server successfully when using the technique described in https://blog.felgo.com/updates/release-2-16-1-live-code-reloading-with-custom-c-and-native-code-for-qt; however, I want to extend SortFilterProxyModel and am running into problems as it appears that Felgo also uses a version of this library.


    Is it possible to use Felgo Live Client when using C++ and QML without instantiating a FelgoApplication object (i.e. pure Qt/QML application)? Something along the lines of this:

    #include <FelgoLiveClient>
    FelgoLiveClient liveClient( &engine );
    //liveClient.loadProject( ... )?
    //liveClient.someOtherConfig( ... )?

    included in .pro file

    CONFIG += felgo-live
    qmlFolder.source = $$PWD/Application/Qml


    The live code reloading is incredible and I’m really hoping that there’s a way to use it with pure Qt/QML applications.

    Many thanks,


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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