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    Felgo Team

    Hi Kool!

    It is possible to integrate native SDKs for Android and iOS with Felgo, though this is a little more advanced topic. Most of the Felgo Plugins we offer use native SDKs behind the scenes to integrate e.g. services like Google AdMob, Facebook, etc …

    We usually use the following setup to provide the SDKs cross-platform for usage with QML:

    • Create a Qt C++ Component that handles communication from and to QML with signals, properties, slots, etc …
      See here to learn more about how to add and use C++ components in your QML/Felgo project.
    • For iOS, you can then directly add an Class Implementation with Obj-C to e.g. use a native iOS SDK.
      So when working with the class from QML, you actually go QML -> C++ (class definition) -> Obj-C (class implementation, works with iOS SDK)
    • For Android, you can use JNI (Java Native Interface) to run custom Java code from C++. In your case, you would use JNI to work with a custom Java Class that integrates and uses the Spotify SDK.
      For Android the pipeline then is: QML -> C++ (class definition) -> C++ (class implementation with JNI) -> Java Class (works with Android SDK)
    • In your *.pro configuration, you can also add configuration blocks like android { } or ios { } to link different class implementations depending on the platform you are building the project for. With this extension your class also works cross-platform then (with different SDKs per platform behind the scenes)

    Does this answer your question?





    Hi Gunther,

    Yes, thanks for the information.

    It’s not something I intend on doing for a while, but it’s good to have the information at hand.

    Many thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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