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    I want to upload new apk for my game but the following error shown on google play dashboard


    This configuration cannot be published for the following reason(s):

    • <b>Version 3</b> is not served to any device configuration: all devices that might receive <b>version 3</b> would receive <b>version 1100001</b>.


    The first build uploaded with version code “2.0” -“versioncode:”2.0″”- and it shown on the store like this  “1100001 (2.0)”

    now i need to update version code to “3.0” -“versioncode:”3.0″”- but this number shown on the store like this  “3 (3.0)”


    how i can solve this…please advice




    Felgo Team


    the versioncode property must be set to a number in integer format, not a string you mentioned like described here (Felgo Build Server usually checks for this type of error in the config.json file, we’ll check our tests for this). It looks like your first version string got converted to the integer 1100001, as update must be published with a higher number than the previous version you therefore have to set your next version to a subsequent number like 1100002. However, Felgo Build Server currently restricts version codes to 65535 and below, as this is the maximum version number allowed on BlackBerry App World.

    So there remain two solutions for this problem:

    • Re-publish the app with a correct integer version number (e.g. 3)
    • If your game already got a lot of downloads on the store we can build a custom publish build with such a high versioncode number for you; or provide you a step-by-step guide how to manually change it on your own for already built Felgo games.





    Hi Alex

    The problem solved by adding this version code

    <!--StartFragment-->"versioncode": "3.000001" ,

    which it translated in google play to “3000001 (3.0)”

    i know that i have to set version code to integer number, but the first version published with this code

    <!--StartFragment-->"versioncode": "1.0" ,<!--EndFragment-->

    Thats Strange!!




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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