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OverviewFelgo 3 Support (Qt 5) › Weird bug with AppMap since Felgo 2.12

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    After the Felgo 2.12 update my application crashed (C++ runtime error while running on desktop)…
    After some investigations to find where and why, I found this…

    Impugned QML code in AppMap (it doesn’t crash when I remove this part of code) :
    plugin: Plugin {
    id: mapPlugin
    name: “here”
    parameters: [ PluginParameter { name: “here.app_id”; value: “…” },
    PluginParameter { name: “here.token”; value: “…” } ]


    AND the crash happenned only with “Desktop Qt 5.9.0. MinGW 32” bit in debug mode but not in release mode !!!

    Everything is working perfectly with the other compilers…

    Also, I’ve ran some tests with MabBox plugin instead of Here and the bug is the same !

    Any ideas ?


    Felgo Team

    Hi Jean-Marc,

    does this also happen when using the same Plugin { } configuration with a plain QML Map instead of Felgo AppMap? If the issue still occurs, it is possible that this is a Qt 5.9 bug.

    You can create a new Qt Quick Application and try using the QML Map there without importing Felgo to exactly verify if the issue is related to Felgo. In case it still happens in a plain Qt Quick Application, I suggest reporting the issue in the Qt Forums or Qt Bugtracker.




    Thank you for your answer Günther,

    Yes it also happens with Map { }

    I’ll try what you suggest and I’ll keep you informed 🙂



    Hey Jean Marc,

    Any updates on this?

    I am experiencing the same issue and will add that it works correctly for the android build but fails for windows desktop as a “bad_alloc”.

    Looking forward to any updates.



    Felgo Team


    I just tried using Qt Map and Felgo AppMap with MinGW 32 bit, which works fine with the latest Felgo version 2.12.1 on Windows 8.1.

    Which Windows version are you using, and does the crash still occur for you?


    If it is still a problem, you can try to use install Visual Studio and use the MSVC compiler instead.
    You can install the Qt Kit for msvc with the MaintenanceTool of your Felgo SDK.





    Thanks for the update Gunther!

    I have since started working on another v-play project and will try the above steps when I resume the V-play App project.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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