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    If i were to get a new desktop P.C (I currently work solely on my laptop), and install vplay and login with the same user account could i store my project files/assets on a usb/external HDD to move between both?


    Would there be any issues for this?


    Are you super cool people planning on cloud saves anytime soon?





    Felgo Team

    Hi Edward,

    we are the latter. 😉

    We are working on a Felgo Cloud IDE and Build Server solution, which will let you host projects, edit source cod and build apps in the cloud. So stay tuned!

    Until this awesome tool gets available, you can also move project files to an external storage. However, different devices might have different Felgo and build tool configurations and paths. The *.pro.user file is the temporary project file with e.g. enabled project kits. If Qt Creator detects that the configuration is from another machine, it will confirm whether to use this configuration from the previous setup.

    You can also delete the *.pro.user file before opening the project in Qt Creator, which creates a fresh one then.




    Hello GĂźnther,


    Does this mean that you are moving away from QT creator for development or is it only the build service and cloud saves?




    Felgo Team

    Hi Isak,

    we are not moving away from Qt Creator, we are creating tools that you can use as an alternative or in addition to Qt Creator, to improve the whole development cycle of an app.




    Hi Alex,


    Okey but will I be able to develop/write code on this new IDE? Sometimes on work trips I only have access to my worklaptop that I am not allowed to install QT creator on, it would be nice to be able to write some code on those nights through an web IDE:) Will I be able to do this? And when is this IDE planned to arrive?







    Since this topic has been revived and i’m massively looking forward to being able to edit whilst at work and unable to use my laptop, do we have any idea of launch date on the cloud IDE? I know it stated coming months but this is something very exciting!




    Felgo Team

    Hi all,

    the exact launch date is not fixed yet – but I can say so much: We already have working prototypes for different parts of the Cloud IDE and Build services, so a first version is already in sight and will come soon 😉

    As for how it works:
    You already have the option to code and preview code snippets with the current Web Editor: https://felgo.com/web-editor

    The Cloud IDE then allows you to not only work on a single file/code snippet. You will have your full project repository available in the browser to edit any of your project source files.





    This is going to be really cool! In my particular case, I like to work on Linux but when I have to deploy something to iOS, well you know, update a repo, go to my Mac, wait for XCode to download 2Gb, I mean to update, and run, … Right now I use a lot live code reloading, but if I have custom c++ code I have to make my app a live server and if I make changes in the c++ code I have to deploy it again from my Mac.

    So this is going to be really cool, I have an slogan for this: code everywhere, deploy anywhere 🙂


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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