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Felgo Game Network

True Cross-Platform App & Gaming Services to Connect Players

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Let your Players Compete

In most games players can reach highscores representing how well a player has done in the game. With Felgo Game Network you can use leaderboards to let players compare against each other in a competitive way, keeping them playing. You can either display all scores across all platforms on one leaderboard or filter the leaderboards based on platform, time or users.

Reward your Players

Achievements for reaching certain goals in your game is a great way of rewarding your active players and to give them more incentive to keep playing your game. If connected with Facebook achievements get even synced between different devices of a single player.

Integrated Cloud Storage

With the WebStorage component, storing your data in the cloud is as easy as it can be: You can use it to synchronize your players' data across multiple devices or to change the balancing of your game remotely from our web dashboard, without the need of pushing a new update to the app stores.

Fully Customizable UI

Felgo Game Network comes with a ready-made UI allowing you to integrate it in 10 minutes in your game. However, with the strength of QML you can fully customize all views to your game easily and give it an extra-polished look and match it to your game's style.

Example Implementation

This is an example of a minimum QML implementation. It shows 2 buttons, one for opening the leaderboard view and one for increasing the score property.


Every time the score is increased, it is reported to the game network and visible for players around the globe.


Also we defined an achievement, which we increment every time the score is increased. It will get unlocked once we reach a score of 50.

Get your own gameId

You can run this example with the gameId we provided, or you can create your own gameId in the Felgo Game Network Web Dashboard.

import Felgo 3.0
import QtQuick 2.0

GameWindow {
  id: gameWindow

  Scene {
    id: scene
    property int score: 0

    FelgoGameNetwork {
      id: gameNetwork
      gameId: 251 // create your own gameId in the Web Dashboard
      secret: "averygoodsecret"
      gameNetworkView: gameNetworkUI // we use the id of our view below
      achievements: [ // simply define your achievements
        Achievement {
          key: "Reach50Score"
          name: "Average Score"
          description: "Reach a Score of 50"
          target: 50 // achievement is unlocked after reaching the target count
          points: 10 // points awarded for unlocking this achievement

    Column {
      SimpleButton {
        text: "Show Leaderboard"
        onClicked: gameNetwork.showLeaderboard() // open leaderboard view
      SimpleButton {
        text: "Increase Highscore"
        onClicked: {
          scene.score++ // increase the score
          gameNetwork.reportScore(scene.score) // send to game network
          gameNetwork.incrementAchievement("Reach50Score") // update achievement
    GameNetworkView { // adds the default game network UI
      id: gameNetworkUI
      visible: false
      onShowCalled: visible = true
      onBackClicked: visible = false

Easy Facebook Integration

Let your players connect with Facebook with a single QML call. We have integrated posting the player's score and achievements to your player's timeline, so the most important Facebook functionality to bring new downloads and make your players return to your games is already built-in.

No Registrations Required

Players do not need to create an extra account to compare their higshcores or achievements across platforms, which leads to a high adoption rate. Other services suffer from high drop-out rates up to 60% of players due to privacy concerns or feeling unconfident connecting a game with their Facebook account – with Felgo Game Network you can also satisfy these players!

Full Offline Support

Highscores, achievements and the web storage can be used even when your players have no Internet connection and get synced automatically as soon as the Internet connection is available again.

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