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Migrate GTK+ Applications to Qt & Felgo

Handle modern cross-platform application development requirements with Qt instead of relying on legacy toolkits. Felgo helps you with every step of the migration process!

Why Migrate?

The widget-based GTK+ framework and related libraries miss many features to create state-of-the-art applications. Introduce a future-proof architecture and provide the best customer value and user experience with Qt and Felgo.

Cross-Platform Development

Save up to 90% source-code & development time by harnessing the power of declarative coding with QML. Deploy to desktop, mobile, embedded and web from a single codebase.

Modern Tooling

Create pixel perfect UIs in record time with QML Hot Reload. Automate your build and deploy steps with Felgo Cloud Builds CI/CD, and much more.

Challenges of a Migration from GTK+

Porting your application from GTK+ comes with major challenges. We help you to figure out how to tackle them, and to find a migration plan with your economic goals in mind.

Keep Existing Code and System Features

Your existing system contains a lot of valuable code and application logic. We help to identify and keep your components wherever it makes sense. Do not reinvent the wheel!

Separation of Model and View

Clear responsibilities simplify maintenance and refactoring of your views. Avoid mixing view code with existing system logic. Clean APIs allow for fast UI iterations and improvements, without touching unrelated functionality.

Move from Widgets to Qt Quick

Support many different devices and screens with a responsive user interface. The declarative approach of Qt Quick makes it easy to build a beautiful UI that flexibly adapts to your screen.

GLib Data Types, Signaling and Events

Qt and GTK+ offer different solutions for all these core features. Stripping this code from your system is a major undertaking. A smart migration path helps to mitigate risks when moving to the Qt core types and communication systems.

Refactor and Improve

Make more of your migration, by improving your codebase and implementing modern UI best practices. A clean codebase and modernized UI prepare you for the years to come.

Translations, Theming and Customization

Different languages, centralized application themes and custom components introduce a lot of complexity across all application features. Migrate your translations in a structured way and keep system-wide configurations to change the look and feel with ease.

Migration Services by FelgoMigration, Modernization, Optimization

  • In-depth analysis of your existing GTK+ application architecture and dependencies
  • Planning of the best strategy to migrate with minimum risk and maximum speed
  • Evaluation of the required work and overall porting effort
  • Qt experts to support your development team in the migration phase
  • Transition GTK+ widgets and views to Qt Quick
  • Migrate GTK+ core types and communication to Qt systems
  • Architecture improvements to support automated testing and clean component interfaces
  • Handover and training sessions to get your team up to speed in no time

Migration Options

Your system architecture and unique application requirements have a big impact on the best path to reach your migration goals. While refactoring the application from scratch can make sense in certain cases, Qt can also be mixed with GTK+ and is compatible with most C++ libraries.

A smart migration plan allows you to prepare for the future, without sacrificing your present economic goals.

Gradual Migration

Port existing code gradually, using framework integrations. Only essential parts of the application are migrated to Qt, while some parts remain as legacy framework code. This can significantly reduce the initial porting effort and minimizes the operational risk.

Full Migration

Port all existing code and dependencies to Qt. This can also include major refactoring and modernizing of the application architecture.

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Felgo is specialized in fast and high-quality software development with 10+ years of experience. We help our customers to bring their vision to life and deliver successful applications for many industries, including automotive, entertainment and telecommunication.


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Felgo is an official Qt Service Partner, providing consulting, development and training services for anything related to Qt.

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The Qt-based Felgo SDK and tooling solutions allow Qt developers to increase their productivity and create even better applications. We know Qt in and out!

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Felgo has already helped companies of any size to develop successful applications and improve their development workflow. You can find out more in our success stories.

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Felgo is an official Qt Service Partner, specialized in fast and high-quality mobile, desktop, embedded and web app development with 10+ years of experience. We helped our customers to bring their vision to life and deliver successful apps for many industries, including automotive, entertainment and telecommunication.



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