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WebAssembly (WASM) Demos

Try any of the following demos right in your browser. Felgo for WebAssembly allows you to use Felgo and Qt to build applications that also run in the browser, served over the web. You can find more information in the release blog post.

WebAssembly is supported by all major browser on desktops. Mobile browser support is growing fast.

With Felgo, you can offer an easily accessible, no-install browser interface for desktop users with WebAssembly, and a native mobile app for mobile users, all from the same code base.

App Demos for WebAssembly


Jira Tima Mini App

A small UI showcase for a Jira time tracking app, inspired by the Felgo Tima app for Jira.


WTR Weather App

Check up-to-date and historical weather data for any location. This showcase is based on the Felgo WTR Weather Pro app.


Component Showcase App

Browse through several components and features of the Felgo SDK


QtWS Conference App

The official Qt World Summit 2019 conference mobile app was developed by Felgo.

Game Demos for WebAssembly



Play the OneCard game, solo or multiplayer. This game uses the Felgo Multiplayer components.