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Felgo Live Code Reloading: Web Editor

Run this example on your Android and iOS phone now, with the Felgo Live Scripting mobile app!

import QtQuick 2.8 import Felgo 3.0 App { id: app // list model for json data JsonListModel { id: jsonModel keyField: "id" source: [ {id: 1, title: "Apple" }, {id: 2, title: "Ham" }, {id: 3, title: "Bacon" }, {id: 4, title: "Banana" }, {id: 5, title: "Strawberry" }, {id: 1, title: "Äpple" }, {id: 3, title: "Baçon" }, {id: 4, title: "banana" }, {id: 5, title: "Strawberry" } ] } SortFilterProxyModel { id: sortedModel sourceModel: jsonModel sorters: [ LocaleAwareSorter { id: localeAwareSorter roleName: "title" ignoreDiacritics: true }, StringSorter { id: stringSorter roleName: "title" enabled: false } ] } NavigationStack { Page { title: "String Sorting" AppListView { model: sortedModel delegate: AppListItem { text: model.title } header: Item { anchors.left: parent.left anchors.right: parent.right anchors.margins: dp(16) height: dp(50) AppCheckBox { text: "LocaleAwareSorter" anchors.verticalCenter: parent.verticalCenter checked: localeAwareSorter.enabled updateChecked: false onClicked: { localeAwareSorter.enabled = !localeAwareSorter.enabled if(localeAwareSorter.enabled) stringSorter.enabled = false } } AppCheckBox { text: "StringSorter" anchors.right: parent.right anchors.verticalCenter: parent.verticalCenter checked: stringSorter.enabled updateChecked: false onClicked: { stringSorter.enabled = !stringSorter.enabled if(stringSorter.enabled) localeAwareSorter.enabled = false } } } } } } }

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