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Felgo Live Code Reloading: Web Editor

Run this example on your Android and iOS phone now, with the Felgo Live Scripting mobile app!

import QtQuick 2.3 import Felgo 3.0 App { Navigation { // Use tabs on Android, else default (which is tabs on iOS and drawer on desktop) navigationMode: Theme.isAndroid ? navigationModeTabs : navigationModeDefault // On Android, only the selected label is shown by default. You can change that by accessing the internal tabs or using the theming //tabs.showOnlySelectedLabel: false // can also be changed with Theme.navigationTabBar.showOnlySelectedLabel NavigationItem { title: "First" icon: IconType.heart NavigationStack { Page { title: "First Page" } } } NavigationItem { title: "Second" icon: NavigationStack { Page { title: "Second Page" } } } NavigationItem { title: "Third" icon: IconType.bolt NavigationStack { Page { title: "Third Page" } } } } }

1. Download Felgo Live Scripting app

2. Open the app and add the displayed Dev ID here.

QML Hot Reload on all Platforms

With Felgo Live, you can reload code changes in real-time on any connected device. While this web editor is just for demonstration purposes, you can use hot reloading also for development on your desktop.

Download the Felgo Developer App app to run your code on Android and iOS, from Windows, macOS or Linux.