Felgo Level Editor

By Christian

We are proud to announce a new feature of Felgo today: the Felgo level editor. It is one of THE greatest components and will save you loads of time. Why? Just read on…

Cutting development time

The Felgo level editor helps you to create multiple levels easily. The cool thing is, you can immediately play and test if the levels are fun while the game is running. A level usually consists of entities placed in the level in a challenging and fun way. It also consists of game-specific parameters like damage values, timer settings, or the available lives in the level. Watch the video below to see the level editor in action in the released game Squaby or download it from the App Stores here.

The level editor allows you to change any properties while the game is running! Just imagine testing different gravity settings for a physics-based game and see the objects adopt to the change while you are moving a slider. Or adjusting the applied force of a jumping character without restarting the game and test the different settings. This is where the ItemEditor component comes into play: It exports the current settings to the level you create. We provided a snapshot of the ItemEditor when we released the Felgo particle editor. The particle editor was made solely with the ItemEditor component in a matter of days – just have a look at the source code to see how easily the editor can be implemented.

Give your players the power to create own levels

So the level editor saves a lot of time during development of your game as it cuts down the testing and balancing phase and simplifies content creation. However, there’s even more: as you already have an interface in place to create levels while the game is running, you can take it one step further: Give your players the power to create their own levels! They can use all of the level editing possibilities you used while developing the game and so have a powerful tool in their hands. You will be amazed how creative the gamers who love your game are, and the best thing is you get new content from your community without any effort! Thus your game stays longer on top of the charts as there is always something new to explore for your players.

As gamers love to brag about the new cool levels they made, they are going to tell their friends to play the level and help you with promoting your game, without spending huge budgets on marketing! Instead you get really passionate players and content for free to stay interesting.

Customize to your game

To make the best use of the level editor, you can customize its look so it matches the style of your game. See the following images of Squaby for example, which uses a custom GUI for dragging the entities into the scene and a custom LevelSelectionList.


Custom LevelEditor UI in Squaby


Custom LevelSelectionList

Ready for take-off

To summarize, these are the benefits of the Felgo level editor:

  • Cut development time as level creation, balancing and testing works while the game is running.
  • Let your players create their own levels and build a community around your game – user-generated content for free.
  • Customize the look of the level editor to perfectly match your game style, or use the default Felgo skin for quick results.

You can start using the level editor today with daily build version 1.3.3 and use this advantage over other games. Daily builds are only available for customers on the Pro Plan – however, we really are in a giveaway mood after finishing the hard work on the level editor. So if you decide to upgrade to Pro, send us an email to specials@felgo.com to get a promo code for a 20% discount. But hurry up, as this offer is only available this week until the 12th of May and limited to the first 100 promo code requests.

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