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    A very simple app, compile success, but  show nothing, Application output of QtCreator show message


    NOTE: you are running a development build in Release Mode. However, the Release mode is recommended only for publish builds that are released to the app stores and for final testing. You can enable a publish build in the config.json file in your qml folder by setting the “stage” property to “publish”. For more information see: https://felgo.net/doc/felgo-publishing/


    Then stuck there, forever~~~~~~



    At first it works, after a few hours, I don’t know why the app cannot start, in order to find out why I remove all of the dependencies, qml, js and c++ files, onyly Main.qml left and write the most simplest codes.



    id: app


    licenseKey: “blsldfsljfsljfsljd”



    But it still stuck there. I even tried


    1. clean->Rebuild,
    2. Delete the whole folder of the build app
    3. Delete the x.pro.user file
    4. restart my windows 10

    But none of them work, according to my experiences, the only way it work is create a new project and move the files to the new project, but this solution is very ineffective, I hope I could know why this happen and have a better way to solve it, I guess felgo keep the cache somewhere but I don’t know where.



    My config file is


    “title”: “Mobile_text_classify”,
    “identifier”: “com.yourcompany.wizardEVAP.Mobiletextclassify”,
    “orientation”: “auto”,
    “versioncode”: 1,
    “versionname”: “1.0.0”,
    “stage”: “test”



    I build with debug mode(msvc2017 64bits) and found this message


    “[WARNING] File: “:/FelgoLicense/felgo_license.key” does not exist”


    Guess this is why the app cannot start, how should I fix this issue?


    Felgo User


    I am encountering the same issue! Have you had any luck fixing this problem? My app was working fine these past few months but now randomly builds but I cannot see the application. I even deleted the repo and re checked it out but it still did not solve the problem


    Felgo Team
Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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